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Organic & Fresh

We use fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients. Natural, nutritious and good.


Every dish is prepared with love and respect, that supports both our health and the environment.

Pet Lovers

There are dedicated our four-legged friends menus.If the dogs are happy, everyone is happy!.

Our menu consists of healthy and fresh dishes with creative flavors.

Surf Club Meals

T-Street is one of the best surfing spots in Orange County. You can run into pro surfers, locals, older surfers that grew up and keep surfing here now with their kids and tons of future surf athletes.

We offer a program that is based on food for optimal performance and focused on nutrients. You can open an account and prepay so you don’t have to worry about bringing your wallet or phone.


Just mention the name on your account and grab a cup of coffee and power bites before your sesh or when you’re done, have a breakfast burrito, power toast, or post workout smoothie.


Panther Coffee

Proudly serving, Panther Coffee from our friends and roasters in Miami, Panther Coffee.


Now offering single origin coffee from Hacienda La Amistad, in Nicaragua and Fazenda Serra Do Bone, in Brazil,  which have been selected for taste as well as individuality and origin.


Benefiting from their long standing relationships with coffee producers throughout the world, these friends and colleagues not only possess generations of knowledge and passion, but they produce some of the finest lots of coffee available anywhere. 

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